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Phone Numbers

Clear Connections provide various types of numbers - freephone, in-country and other NGNs - for the UK, Irish and International markets.


Freephone numbers - Clear specialises in UK, Irish and International freephone numbers (1800 Ireland and 0800 in the UK). These can be setup or brought on board very quickly by our team.

Service Access Numbers (NGN) - Clear Connections can provide global toll free (freephone), shared cost, and premium rate numbers make your business more accessible across diverse international markets and workforce. These Non Geographical Numbers (NGN) can terminate (finish up) onto any system.

Local In country Numbers - Clear can provision local in country numbers to terminate on your Cloud or existing Telephone system.
For example +33 6 15 28 21 27 can end up on +353 1 50 60 750 or on +44 203 728 8790. These are subject to localised regulation.

Voice: Homeworking And DR - Cloud business telephony not only saves you money but can be rolled out Pan-European to allow Homeworking and Disaster Recovery (DR) using our phone Solution or your existing one.
Working on Phones systems or collaboration tools such as Teams.
Keep your number and save up to 50%.