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Speech to Text

Convert speech recordings into text to easily facilitate training and quality control, compliance and transcription.


Call recordings can contain valuable data and insights that would deliver efficiency gains for your organisation, improve staff performance, and deliver a better customer experience.  In the past, unlocking these insights involved the time consuming and costly process of listening to the recordings.  Due to time and cost constraints it was almost always the case that only a sample of recordings could be listened to and thus it was “pot luck” as to whether this beneficial data was uncovered.

Converting speech recordings into text enables a machine to do the listening for you, greatly speeding up the time to access the data and massively reducing the cost to do so.

Key Features

Our speech to text facility has a wide range of use cases including:

Quality Evaluation - Search ALL of your recordings for key words and phrases that highlight good or bad experiences.  Identify all instances where staff and callers are in conflict through the type of words used, the intonation and sentiment or when both parties are speaking over each other (argument).  Find “textbook” calls to as training examples of best practice .  Quickly identify “at risk” clients and act to retain their custom.

Compliance - Ensure compliance statements are provided and identify all omissions, so as to rectify the position and retrain staff who are failing to deliver the statements.  Also identify when things are being said that shouldn’t be – for example identify and redact all recordings that contain payment card information.

Transcription - Use the system to provide automated transcriptions of voice recordings.  This can include multiple languages which can then be translated.  It can act as a simple dictation service and it can provide records of calls that are much easier to distribute then files of the actual recordings (due to file size).  Our service can also be used for specialist industries such as legal and healthcare, where specialist terminology is in use, as we access custom dictionaries familiar with such terms.