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Add a powerful contact centre solution to MS Teams

Provide intelligent queue management to callers

Enable self-service to reduce live calls and costs

Enhance customer support with 24x7 automation

Clear Connect365


Clear Connect365

Clear Connect365 enables organisations to add a cloud based, fully programmable omnichannel contact centre (Twilio Flex) to Microsoft Teams.

Being a cloud based solution, agents can be located anywhere providing they have access to an internet connection and a modern browser. The solution supports office based, home based and mobile agents, without the need to download software or applications.

The solution can provide intelligent queue handling, providing callers with their position in queue and/or estimated answer time, and offering a virtual queueing facility whereby the caller hangs up and is called back on a preferred number when they would have reached an agent had they remained in the queue.


Callers can be automatically greeted, make requests for information, and be provided with spoken responses, verify their ID and credentials and be directed to Teams users or contact centre agents.

Contact centre agents have visibility on their desktop of Teams presence information and have the ability to transfer callers via a button click to an available colleague or department as required.

These features reduce the volume of traffic requiring live agents and reduces the Average Handling Time for calls, thus reducing costs. They also improve the experience for the caller, leading to better satisfaction scores and increased revenues.

Clear Connect365 use cases


Work from anywhere

Clear Connect365 is based on Twilio Flex, which is a true cloud solution. This means it requires no local software, just an internet connection and modern browser. Agents can work from anywhere and move seamlessly between locations providing built in resilience and DR capabilities in addition to supporting flexible working



Clear Connect365 supports true omnichannel working. It handles all media types and enables conversations to switch between different channels with accurate tracking and reporting. This enhances the customer journey and delivers improved satisfaction and loyalty


Presence Integration

Clear Connect365 uses the MS Graph API to provide agents with presence information and one click transfers to colleagues outside the contact centre using Teams. Agents can search for individuals, departments or by status (available) and select to announce calls or transfer them immediately.


Intelligent Call Handling

Callers can request information from internal systems, they can validate their ID and account details, converse with an AI bot, and route themselves to the best agent or group to support their query. The solution can also provide virtual queuing, calling customers back when they reach the front of the queue. All of these features reduce agent handling time and improve the customer experience.


Seamless integration to MS Teams

Intelligent call handling

Interactive self-service options and AI handling

Presence information displayed for all users

Omnichannel routing and reporting

Work from anywhere with built-in DR


More Details

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