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Eye See


Eye-See, is a simple-to-use web application, designed to minimize the time to resolve support issues and to eradicate unnecessary site visits.


The Eye-See solution provides the ability to turn a voice call into a video call without the need for the caller to download software or access an application.

An SMS sent by a member of staff invites the caller to allow one-time access to their device’s camera.  If the caller allows it, the member of staff can then see the view from the camera.  The caller can flip between cameras if more than one exists and is in control of the call and what can be seen.

Being able to see as well as hear the issue significantly improves the information available* and thus the chances of being able to resolve the issue.


The caller can be guided through the steps needed to resolve the issue immediately or the extra information can be gathered so that the appropriate technician and/or parts are dispatched to ensure first-visit resolution.

Eye-See also provides the option to start and stop recording what is being viewed. This recording can be made available to other authorised staff to assist with the diagnosis and resolution of issues.

To reiterate, there is no software to download, and no footprint left on the device once the call is finished.

* Studies by Mehrabian and Ferris (1967) concluded that for a spoken conversation 55% of communication is visual, 38% tonal and 7% the words themselves.

Use cases of Eye-See


Customer Support

Turn frustrations into solutions.  Eye-See enables your customers to show you their issues and enables your agents to provide real-time solutions, reducing costly site visits and improving CSAT scores.



Replace the need for an onsite assessment with Eye-See live and recordable video, directed by remote staff capable of completing more than 50 assessments per day. This reduces operational costs as well as shortens the claim lifecycle.



Use Eye-See to remotely prompt and confirm the completion of routine healthcare tasks rather than sending staff on-site visits. Enable initial triage of non-urgent issues to speed up diagnosis and improve outcomes.



Enable the public to rapidly and accurately report issues with pipes, cables and conduits via Eye-See. Ensure that the correct resources are deployed to minimise downtime and losses and meet compliance targets.

Watch Eye-See in action



Setup a video call with a few clicks

Send a link via SMS

One-click join to the video call

No software installation required

Record video and replay recordings later

Single sign-on with Microsoft 365

Agent dashboard
Agent dashboard

Compare Plans

Choose from our standard Pay As You Go plan, or select our Premium plan if you need to record the conversations, or would like increased support from our team.

Standard Premium
Account provision
Monthly service charge €0.00 €50.00
Set up cost per Video Call (includes SMS invite) €0.10 €0.10
Cost per minute of Video Call €0.10 €0.10
Contract length PAYG Rolling 30 days
Itemised billing
Pay by credit/debit card
Online training
Email support (business hours)
Option to pay by monthly invoice
Option to record calls
12 months recording storage
Telephone access to helpdesk (business hours)
Technical account manager
Support escalation
Quarterly service review

Free Trial Offer

Please download, complete and return this form to email eye-see@clearconnections.eu if you would like a free one-month trial of Eye-See.