The range of Unified Communications solutions provided by Clear Connections and its partners offer the perfect platform for consolidating voice services with business critical IT applications across an IP infrastructure.

In its simplest form Unified Communications increases overall productivity by simplifying life for your workforce when it comes to internal and external communications. This is achieved by reducing the number of devices and interfaces used for communications during the business day, integrating (or unifying) applications so they work together making them easier to understand, use and support.

A well-planned and delivered Unified Communications strategy allows your business to work smarter, whilst simultaneously reducing costs. Your workforce can be freed from their dependence on the office, allowing them to be just as productive when they’re mobile as they are when sitting behind a desk. You not only improve the efficiency of the employee who is working offsite but also that of his or her colleagues on site whose time is frequently taken up providing information from base to assist the mobile worker.

A simple example of unified communications (or unified messaging) is the voicemail to email facility which allows a remote worker instant access to messages when they are left allowing them to deal with them in the most efficient manner.

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