Clear Connections can deliver reporting and recording capability for clients of all sizes and in all cases that software will integrate seamlessly with the phone system provided. For example, the Splicecom Vision product suite is a web-based application which gives clients the ability to access detailed and intimate information upon which sound business decisions can be based.

As Vision runs in conjunction with maximiser as a single system, no matter how many sites it is distributed across or how many home based, remote or mobile employees are connected, Vision is able to collect information on every department and every individual – wherever they might be. Real- time information can be delivered to department heads and managers totally independent of their location.

Providing a Business Dashboard for companies of all sizes, Vision delivers a comprehensive range of real-time information reports to those that need it, irrespective of where they might be.

The Vision application suite also provides for reporting of key historical information giving management control over a number of critical areas of business management.

Key reports can be scheduled by time and date and delivered to individuals or groups by email, whilst custom-reporting groups can also be constructed. Vision is broken down into three main areas; Call Performance Profiles, Cost Analysis and Capacity Planning.

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