Call Recording has become an increasingly important and necessary tool for businesses operating in a number of different sectors. In some sectors it is driven by regulatory pressures while in others it is widely used as a training aid or to keep a record of conversations or transactions completed over the phone.

Typically, this type of solution is still delivered by combining products from three different vendors – PBX, Call Recording & Call Management – often offering very little (if any) integration and requiring all three products to be configured and managed separately. For smaller businesses, the cost of an entry-level call recorder alone is likely to be several times the cost of their telephone system.

Vision Record

Vision Record seamlessly integrates the call recordings produced by maximiser into Vision Reports, allowing them to be easily managed, searched for and played-back whenever necessary.

Because the maximiser call recording application is both integrated and “intelligent”, it allows each leg of a call to be recorded and reported on separately, no matter how many times it is transferred. Vision Record then allows each ‘individual leg’ of a transferred call to be displayed in Vision Reports, where they’re grouped together. This makes it extremely simple to just “click & play” and so listen to an entire call, regardless of how many people the call has been transferred to. And as Music-on-Hold isn’t recorded on a transferred call, there’s no wasted recording space or time.

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