In conjunction with our partner Route 2 Solutions, we can deliver specialist Data Backup, Protection and Restoration for the business sector.

We offer best in class software which not only back up your data but critically allows for complete data restoration. Our Backup Network has been built from the ground up with Security, Reliability, Integrity, Performance and Scalability in mind and offers high levels of Fail-safes.

How does it Work?

We use an improved and convenient alternative to the traditional process of storing backup copies of your  files on tapes or CD’s. Data is stored securely and automatically via a standard broadband internet connection and is available to you around the clock. All data is compressed then encrypted before leaving the computer, so private information – stays private!

We take the reliance on a human out of the equation – the backup takes place automatically. We run two programs – one on your computer/server called the “agent”, the other on our servers called the “Strong Room”. These two programs communicate with each other and transfer your files using encrypted and compressed data streams that quickly and securely store the critical data in our electronic strong room. Only you have access to this password protected data. Once the data is transferred, you are able to retrieve any of backed up files by running the “agent” software.

Our Partners

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