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Clear Connections has significant experience in delivering both large and small call centre solutions. The team at Clear Connections will work with each client on a case by case basis to decide upon the most appropriate solution and have experience of delivering bespoke solutions as well as implementing mainstream systems like Avaya and Splicecom.

Our call centre solutions help businesses to meet and beat the service level expectations of their customers, gain competitive advantage and reduce operational cost.All of our solutions are extremely feature rich as well as being user friendly and have the ability to produce extensive management information and reporting. Features include

  • Quick and easy to scale up – in increments of one if required
  • Dynamic resource allocation to meet SLAs
  • Automatic and/or manual priority control for queuing calls
  • Totally transparent operation across multiple sites
  • Home working agent support
  • Easy to configure

Vision & maximiser – The Unified Solution for Inbound Call Centres consists of 5 major components:

  • Vision Call Centre Management lies at the heart of the system providing call routing and assigning calls to agents and users based on call priorities as defined by the business and Service Level Agreements. The system allows for dynamic call escalation or manual prioritisation as required and handles in queue messages and estimated time to answer.
  • The Vision Call Centre Supervisor Console enables administrators to make changes in real time providing up-to-the-second monitoring of activity within the call centre. All relevant information is immediately visible, and the console automatically alerts supervisors if something needs their attention. Supervisors can even participate in calls, manually boost priority or forward to an appropriate agent.
  • The Vision Call Centre Agent Desktop enables call centre staff to handle calls efficiently and effectively. The Agent Desktop is extremely user friendly and is accessed via a standard web browser meaning that agents can be located at multiple sites or even work from home.
  • Vision Call Centre Live provides a wealth of real time information for supervisors, administrators and business managers. Being browser based, Vision Live can be deployed as a wallboard, when displayed on a large plasma or LCD screen, or as a Call Centre “dashboard” on any PC or smart phone.
  • Vision Call Centre Reports allows historical reports to be generated automatically or manually, providing a wealth of information on all aspects of a call centre operation. These reports provide accurate and detailed information for operational reviews and future business planning for separate queues / campaigns / products or services, individual agents and overall call centre performance. Reports allow you to see the big picture or drill down to particular call or queue.

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